by Drew Streitberg

I attended the recent Xero Roadshow at the Perth Convention Centre on the 8th of February and wanted to share some of the new features and insights provided on the day.

Many of the new features discussed were specific to tax practitioners and dealt with granting additional user options with regards to taxation information and the compliance lodgement program.

Single touch payroll details for Xero were not available because the Federal Government still haven’t finalised their own processes but Xero assures us they are working closely with the Government so that their software will be ready and available when the legislation comes into effect in July 2018. Remember of course that this will require users to lodge payroll details with the ATO directly as and when they occur and does away with the current requirement to issue PAYG Group Summaries annually for employees.

One of the new features about to be added will allow businesses to not only prepare their own BAS/IAS on Xero BUT actually lodge them directly to the ATO. There is a few requirements that a person will have to follow to enable this and it will require liaising briefly with the ATO to authorise it but once it comes into effect it will allow bookkeepers and end-users to lodge the reports themselves. Xero mentioned that the roll-out for this is likely to be September this year as they require all users to be enabled on it prior to its release.

Another great feature and one that is currently active as well as previously mentioned at Xerocon is “Xero Ask” in Xero HQ. This allows allows us, the Accountants & Bookkeepers, to send queries directly to clients within Xero and allows clients to respond within the program & attach relevant information requested. The feature saves the queries and answers as well as letting us know how many of the queries have been answered at any given time. So you can come-back to the query list if you haven’t had time to complete them all and/or don’t have all the relevant information at one time.

The link I have placed below will help you see how this works in greater detail but it is currently live and should greatly improve the efficiencies for both Advisor and client alike!

If you have any queries relating to roadshow announcements or were in attendance yourself, please feel free to contact us to discuss any particular points from either those I’ve mentioned or ones you found particularly interesting yourself!