By Sian Williams

Whether you’re introverted like me or a complete social-extraverted butterfly, every small business owner has gone through the often dreaded process of attending networking events.

Every business requires the right market and the only way to reach the right market is to target the right people who are able to drive your business agenda. Networking is one way to do this which EASE has found to be beneficial.

There are various advantages that networking brings to the business. Some I have encountered include:

Increased business opportunities through meeting prospective clients at networking events

  • Increased number of people I know and work with which I can now connect with other contacts and clients and thus increase all types of business activity
  • They are an opportunity to meet other businesses providing services you required
  • Increased social confidence as a result of interacting with business acquaintances
  • Increased personal friendships – I have a number of close friends who started off as people I saw business networking
  • Increased public speaking skills – often attending events requires you to make your 60 second elevator pitch or even have opportunities to do longer presentations on your business

Some people shy away from attending events where their competitors also attend. I have found the opposite. I enjoy meeting and trading notes with businesses in the same field as myself. For me it’s just as much to help and understand what’s happening in my industries and different opportunities and issues coming about as it it’s about meeting prospective clients and service providers.

The idea of networking is something that every business owner should consider integrating in his or her schedule. Every event attended should be viewed as an opportunity to learn something new that is of help to yourself, the business, your customers or other contacts.

Ways and places we’ve networked that could help you:

  • Reviewing Meet Up where various business network groups are run
  • District 32 runs a large variety of events and workshops that are ideal for small businesses looking to network
  • Your local area Chamber of Commerce often has events and networking opportunities
  • Co-working hubs like Spacecubed in Perth CBD is a great way to get involved in the business startup community and meeting interesting people.

If you’d like to discuss other networking opportunities with EASE feel free to contact us!