Data entry can be a mindless and tedious part of recording keeping, especially if you are dealing with multiple transactions and those extra few bucks here and there can easily slip through the cracks.

Back in the day it would have taken a full time staff member hours to record this data, assign an expense code, select the appropriate GST treatment etc to make sure everything was being recorded correctly. In today’s fast paced work environment who has the time to do that?

That is why we are fortunate to live in a time where smart technology can help you automate almost anything, including your bookkeeping and accounts.

The biggest reason why you should automate your bookkeeping is because…

…if you get it right you save money..

Xero is the revolutionary app we use here at EASE Business, simply because they offer simple and practical solutions to keep your business expenses and accounts in order.

When those day-to-day costs flow into Xero you can use bank rules to categorize them automatically, perfect for regular transactions that don’t need to be entered as an invoice.

For example, every time you pay your internet provider, FAST-IT, it will automatically assign it to internet expense every time, all you do is confirm. You can even get fancier by introducing a receipt management add-on and between the two of them your receipts are filed and coded, all seamlessly, such a time saver and to allow you to focus on other important issues

Watch the video below to see how it can be done. Xero has you covered for all your accounting and bookkeeping needs and will guide you step by step through the process.