Running a business is not just about the bottom line, there are many elements which need to be considered. Managing Cash flow, meeting your tax compliance obligations, overseeing staff and building relationships are all integral aspects for running a successful and profitable enterprise.

However unless you have loyal and repeat business, it could all come to a halt. Marketing your business is a vital component to spread the word that you are actually open and ready to serve. With the advances in technology social media is one of the latest and possibly quickest ways to get your business message out into the community.

Having a website is a good start where you can easily share a summary or overview of your product or services, contact information – however unless your customers type in the URL or Google your exact name, finding you can be hit or miss.


A Facebook page

With a Facebook page sharing your brand is very powerful. It would require a staff member to moderate your page regularly so that negative or damaging comments can be either responded to or removed quickly.

One of the greatest benefits for having a Facebook page is the ability to post status updates, ie share an important, relevant piece of information quickly. For example with EASE Business Services it is easy for us to upload a comment to remind business owners about up and coming compliance due dates. The years roll around very quickly and it could be easy to forget to finalise your BAS or pay employee superannuation by the due date.


YouTube marketing is also a very powerful and effective way to share your business message. This form of social media does require more effort and potential cost to get a professional video prepared however the results are worth the time and investment. A business can easily create a YouTube TV channel (no costs) and upload a video to share a simple, quick message that’s relevant and specific for your customers. YouTube could be beneficial to provide free content that would assist your target market. You could even ensure they come back for more by subscribing to your regular content or even better share with their friends, or potential new clients.

There are many other ways to spread the business word these days including Instagram (pictures) Twitter (quick and small messages), Linked In (Professional / business social networking ) and Stumbled Upon – just to mention a few. It can become overwhelming trying to have a presence with all of these mediums and we would recommend picking just a couple that you can implement effectively rather than trying to be involved with each one. Having a great social media strategy and a good IT person to set up and link these for your business – you will soon be on your way to social marketing – 21st Century style.

EASE has several Social Media clients who can assist you with marketing strategies, if you like more information, contact us and we’ll point you in the right direction.

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