I have a vital question to ask you today…

Do you invoice your clients correctly? Be honest…

I know invoices are not the most riveting part of running a business but if you want to maintain a positive cash flow in any business, mastering the right way to invoice a client is crucial.

You would be surprised how many mistakes businesses tend to make when sending out invoices. These can be anywhere from billing the wrong amounts to sending out duplicate invoices which can be disastrous for your tax accounts.

Put simply, learning how to master the art of invoicing will make sure you get paid on time, get paid the right amount and keep your taxes in order.

The Xero app has got you covered yet again and we are ready to show you how to get it done quickly and easily.

By clicking the link above you will see how simple it can be to make attractive professional looking invoices using Xero to send to your clients that cover every vital piece of info needed to bill your clients correctly.

It also covers fast and easy payments online so you and your clients can avoid huge headaches when it comes to settling the bill.

Want to learn more? Watch this video: