written by guest writer Kat Tate of Kat Tate Copywriting


Perth creative marketing agency JW Creative was flourishing, and creative director James Woods needed to take accounting off his plate.


“I was still doing everything on my own. And while I had the skills, I no longer had the time to apply them. I needed someone to lift the burden, so I could focus on what I’m really passionate about,” James said.


As an emerging marketing agency in Perth, JW Creative uses the latest tools and technology to create elegant, compelling content for clients. So when James spotted EASE thriving on Facebook with quality content, he knew he’d found his accounting team.


“I liked that EASE was a young company, run by people who really get tech. And when I saw they were Xero specialists, I was really drawn in – because I knew it was a forward-thinking product,” James said.


Easing the burden


From the first meeting, James had a clear picture of the road ahead – and what was needed to build the business.


“The EASE team helped me see into the future, so I could make better decisions in the present. And as we grew, they educated us on all our options at every step of the way,” he said.


As well, all of James’ business and industry-specific questions were answered, and presented in a way that made sense to him.


“They understood and adapted to my ways of thinking. It really helped me scale the business with confidence – and make smart staffing and resource decisions.”


Better still, James experienced less anxiety around his financial obligations: “I have 100 percent clarity when it comes to my commercials. So I feel in total control, and can focus on my creative work.”


Creative control


Just like the technology JW Creative uses every day, the agency continues to evolve. And since the day James teamed up with EASE, he’s had close to quarter on quarter growth. Monthly check-ins with EASE always align ongoing expectations and projections for working together into the future.


“We’ve grown the way we wanted to, and I now have total clarity on where the business is headed,” James said.