Perth-based Marjolyn met Sydneysider Jorge online. No, not through a dating website, but via a webinar Ease’s Marjolyn was presenting on business basics for internet-based start ups.

Like many budding entrepreneurs, Jorge was wrestling with the dilemma of making the transition of his own ‘start-up’, Three Steps Business, from part-time hobby to ‘full-time dream’.

Being employed full time in a ‘day job’ whilst working on building an internet-mentoring and website development company at night and in his spare time, Jorge’s problem was how and when to make the break and go full-time with his pet project.

Because Ease’s operation is 100% cloud-based, distance didn’t present a problem for Marjolyn to advise and mentor Jorge.

Meeting fortnightly initially via Skype, Marjolyn and Jorge were able to discuss and formulate a plan for the smooth transition from employee to entrepreneur.

Given his Project Management experience, Jorge created an online Gantt Chart, Using Smartsheet software and set some timeframes and together began work on a strategy that would enable him to make the transition to full-time on Three Steps Business whilst still being able to support his family.

Ease introduced Jorge to Xero and he used it for the first 12 months while working part-time, as a sole trader, on his venture.

During this twelve months Ease familiarised Jorge with the compliance issues facing small business operators, ie managing cash flow, reporting GST and paying himself a small wage.

A decision to incorporate (set up a company) was deferred until such time regular clientele and a steady cash flow was being generated. Once this started occurring, Jorge took the ‘leap of faith’ and resigned to set up his company and jumped headlong into the role of being a business owner.

With financial and business guidance from Ease that included budget planning, payroll advice and providing Jorge with the empowerment of looking at his financial reports on a regular basis, Jorge negotiated the ups and downs that come from being in business for yourself.

Jorge now operates a well established website development and mentoring business (even creating this amazing website for EASE) offering social media and other web-based programs that help customers achieve cost and time efficiencies.