What is it?

Hubdoc is a cloud based tool to automatically import and manage all your financial documents and paperwork. For example it links in with all major banks and suppliers to automatically bring in, store and send across to Xero statement and bill information. This becomes valuable for cloud based file storage. I promise your accountant/bookkeeper will also love having access to this information instead of continually having to follow you up to email or scan things through.

Will it be beneficial to me and my business?

It will benefit your business where you have paperwork you want to store and managed more effectively. It also automates the importing process for regular suppliers and financial institution paperwork. They are automatically sent through saving you time and money each month!

It will speed up the data entry process for bill information inputted into Xero.

It will benefit you if you want a central storage place to come to when looking for any statement or past bill. I love the idea of having all my bank, credit card and loan statement information (including historical) in one easy to access place.

5 Key Features

  • Data can be imported to the system either through automation, via emails, an app or uploaded on your computer
  • Hubdoc learns how to automatically read any extra key information from bills for efficiently convert into your Xero accounting software
  • Creates a filing system using folders and tags making things easy to find for years to come
  • Removes need for your accountant to chase you for bank and billing information for many suppliers
  • Removes need to log into ten different sites to retrieve account statements / bills as they are all automatically fed into the one place


Works out to be $27.50 (inc GST) per month no matter how many transactions you’re processing a month.


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