Are you looking to set up a Business or Company? We can help with that!

Negotiating around ASIC and understanding your responsibilities can be a minefield – and you
need to get it right the first time and in a timely manner – ASIC (Australian Securities & Investments
Commission) are not forgiving with issuing penalties for late submission or non-compliance!

There are numerous steps to follow including:

  • A suitable name – it cannot be identical to an existing company/business name
  • ABN application
  • Tax Registration
  • GST
  • Director ID

There are also numerous options to consider including:

Will you?

  • Have a Constitution
  • A Trust
  • What will your share structure be – a Sole Director? – you need to consider a responsible
  • Person to step into your shoes as a Successor Director should the situation arise
  • Understand your obligations as an officeholder.
  • Undertake these promptly to avoid any penalties and more importantly will you adhere to the Corporations Act?
  • Deal with your corporate secretarial actions yearly

If there comes a time when you wish to close your business/company – Do you know the correct
procedure and action in a timely manner? If you wish to change your business name – how do
you intend to do that?

EASE has experienced instances where clients have closed their businesses prematurely and
need them reinstated – perhaps access to a Trust is required and it was linked to the closed
business …. This can cause major issues for all parties involved.

Clearly, setting up and running a business/company is much more than just the day-to-day
running – have you got the time to do this?

EASE can help your Company or Business run smoothly – we can take the pressure and
headache out of all the necessary paperwork involved. Chat with Marjolyn at 08 6383 7476 or
Sian on 0401192333 and we will tell you how!