Benefits of Xero
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Thanks to Xero, the days of traditional desktop accounting packages are numbered!

Xero makes keeping track of your finances and performance easier than ever before. With its convenient cloud-based, online software format, small to medium businesses are now able to grab a snapshot of how they are performing financially on a day-to-day basis rather than having to wait for months after the end of the financial year, when it is too late to effect any changes.

Using a 100% cloud-based record keeping system like Xero for clients means that we are able to instantly identify and respond to any issues or problems. And Xero is so simple and straightforward to use that you can readily access and update it yourself.

Xero is fabulously straightforward online software which will result in small business owners being able to see how their business is performing on a day to day basis rather than months after the end of the financial year which is often the case with traditional desktop accounting packages.

No matter what your business Xero has a solution for you. While the software is leading edge, there are numerous add-ons that integrate perfectly with Xero. For more information check out Xero’s website here:

Putting you in the driver’s seat of your business finance
Real-time, on-line and in control.

  • Dashboard displaying your current bank, credit card and PayPal accounts
  • Make Cashflow management easy with clear displays of future incoming and outgoing payments
  • Monitor your important accounts from the dashboard
  • Expense claims inserted from your phone directly to your business
  • The ability to drill down to see transaction details
Banking & billing with ease
Quickly create invoices. Xero’s intuitive invoice entry means you can enter your invoices quickly and efficiently, regardless of whether you are creating an invoice for a single item or multiple items.

  • Create a schedule to automatically generate invoices on a regular basis –save having to enter the invoice manually every month
  • Email invoices to your customers directly from within Xero. You can also choose to have a copy of the invoice emailed to yourself
  • Import your bank statements into Xero frequently, so you don’t waste time with manual input and speed up the process of monthly bank reconciliations.
Your contacts & reports
Manage customers and suppliers, GST and all your business requirements in one easy system.

  • Calculating a GST Return is a simple matter of picking your dates
  • Store a snapshot of all the data related to your reports.
  • Export to Excel with proper cell formatting and formulas
  • Create a comprehensive Management Report in one click.
  • Real-time information
  • See who owes you what
  • Contacts’ details include the amount owing to or from them (if any)
Xero, wherever you are – available anytime, anywhere
Xero is web-based so you can work where you want, when you want. Have as many users as you like for no extra cost.

  • All software updates and new features are automatic and available next time you log in
  • Your accounting information is securely stored on servers and is automatically backed up
  • 24/7 access from any internet connection in the world
  • Unlimited users. You control who has access and what they see
  • Works on PC’s, Macs and mobile
  • Xero is web based and can be accessed from any Internet connection through your web browser. No additional software required
  • Xero requires no installation, manual backups or maintenance. You can focus on using Xero, not maintaining it
  • Xero can even be accessed on your iPhone, Windows mobile or your Blackberry. See your bank balances, recent transactions and who owes you money while you are on the move