All those numbers, what do they all mean?

As trained professional accountants, when we look at a set of numbers on a report we intuitively understand their meaning and how they come together to form a meaningful result.

It has taken us years of practice to be able to read and understand the financial data in your reports, mainly on the Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss reports.

Unless you’ve studied this topic yourself… looking at these numbers is like trying to find the blonde in the red dress by understanding the endless stream of numbers in The Matrix…

It may look like a foreign language to you and that’s all good because we need to keep our jobs too…but we also believe it is very important, as business owners, for you take the time to empower yourself to learn at least some key aspect of these reports.

Working with Xero and your account manager at EASE we can show you what to look for, create some key performance indicators and plan to help you achieve them.

With Instant Reporting on the Xero app you can view and share interactive reports and budgets – all prepared in a single click. Both accountants and businesses have a real-time view of the financials, anytime, from anywhere.

Watch this video to learn more: