We are all team players at Ease. No egos and no empire building, we operate as a small close-knit team whose individual expertise and specialities are employed to share the load and ensure that your specific requirements are handled in a streamlined manner, using the latest cloud-based technology.

You can forget the formal structured stereotype of a typical accountant’s office. Ours is a relaxed, informal environment.No suits, no big offices and definitely no clock-watching!

We are one of the very few one hundred per cent cloud-based offices in Perth and with that status comes flexibility and effectiveness in completing your work in a timely and orderly manner.

Using ‘the cloud’ we can contact you anywhere in Australia and make sure your business finances function and flow like clockwork without the clock watching. The days of accounting offices ‘doing the paperwork’ are a thing of the past. These days, everything is done with ease.

Each member of our team brings to the business a particular area of expertise that covers every aspect from bookkeeping to accounting, tax, business advice and mentoring.


Ease Business Services is a team of highly inspiring young and enthusiastic accountants ready to help you to embrace new technologies and business guidance to streamline all your business needs.


As a client of Ease our sole mission is to help you build a business that both satisfies and rewards you, not just financially but also as a responsible contributor to your community.

Using 21st-century cloud-based solutions we will help you achieve your personal and business dreams and goals.

We are more than just compliance providers. We look in between and beyond the numbers to help interpret what they mean for a client’s business.”


Our culture is a relaxed informal environment. Forget the image you have of that traditional accounting firm with dark suits and with the time clock on.

Our Work Flow

Our workflow is based on utilising all the latest technologies and software to provide maximum efficiencies. We are a 100% cloud based firm (one of very few in Perth) and with that comes flexibility and effectiveness in completing your work. This way we can get to you wherever you are in Australia and make sure things work like a clockwork. The days of accounting being ‘called paperwork’ are gone with Ease.

The Ease Team
Marjolyn Noble

Marjolyn Noble

Marjolyn didn’t enter accounting in the conventional way and up until she graduated with a Bachelor of Commerce Degree with an Accounting Major in 2001 (with a CPA qualification following not long after) she had acquired a broad range of experience in secretarial services over a 15-year period working with architectural, civil engineering and medical practitioners. An holistic thinker, she believes there is a strong correlation between business performance and the business owner’s mindset. “I enjoy working alongside our business owners to ensure that they are not only fulfilling their vision behind their business but also aligning their beliefs to match their desired outcome. Too often I have seen these two elements mismatched to the point where the business’s performance fails to reflect the time and effort invested.” Marjolyn is an avid fan of the latest cloud-based technology employed in accounting as well as the positive results that can be achieved from using social media to build and promote your business. “Employing the power of the internet and the reach and influence of social media is sure to give your business an edge over organisations that persist in operating using outdated processes and systems.” Mentoring and empowering business owners to truly understand their business and achieve the outcome they want is part of the passion that drives her to do what she does.
Sian Dawson

Sian Dawson

Having qualified as a Chartered Accountant at a very young age, tax and ‘numbers’ are where Sian sees her main strengths. But being able to help people achieve more from their business is what sets her apart from other accountants. Gaining valuable technical knowledge from 4 years spent within a large mid-tier firm in Perth CBD, she feels fortunate to be able to take this expertise and channel it into her EASE Business Services partnership.   As a certified Xero Partner and with extensive experience in FBT Sian possesses all of the ‘tools’ to help 21st-century businesses maximise their return on effort. “I’m excited and privileged to be able to share the knowledge I have gained of modern accounting practices. It is my personal mission to ensure EASE is always the first to implement new and exciting ways of provide professional business service and advice.” When she isn’t providing accounting services Sian enjoys mentoring small business owners on different ways to improve their profitability and business efficiencies.
Donna Giese

Donna Giese

Donna brings over three decades of bookkeeping and accounting experience to her role within Ease that includes a period where she managed her own successful business in Canada. While Donna’s role is currently in management accounting, she is now moving towards IT to take advantage of her earlier experiences working as part of an East Coast-based team involved in SAP rollouts and integration. Donna firmly believes cloud computing is the preferred option for businesses of the future, with endless possibilities for developers and users alike. “As one of the few Perth practices where everything we offer is cloud-based, I feel that we are helping set the benchmark for doing business in the 21st century.” Donna’s expertise and enthusiasm sits well with the forward thinking attitude that epitomises the EASE team philosophy.
Drew Streitberg

Drew Streitberg

As our Senior Business and Tax Advisor, Drew brings over sixteen years of experience within the SME sector, to his role within EASE. That experience covers all aspects related to SME structures including business management, taxation, analysis and advice. Secondment roles with a number of accounting practices, WET advice to a boutique winery group, GST/DGST advice and M&A support for a range of businesses reinforce the diversity of Drew’s experience. “Compliance is just one aspect of the services we offer our clients. We believe we owe a duty of care to help our clients better analyse and interpret their bottom line to assist them in growing their business.” With his ability to review, guide, mentor and assist businesses to develop and expand their existing structure and broad and extensive technical knowledge, Drew is an undeniable asset to EASE and helps round out the extensive suite of services we offer to our clients.
Padma Ganesh

Padma Ganesh

Padma after graduating Bachelor of Commerce major in Accounting at the age of 21 started working in Accounting field. She has strengthened her qualification from graduation to professional level by completing institute of Company Secretaries of India. She got more than 15 years of Overseas accounting experience in various field like manufacturing, Retail and Accounting Consulting firms. She worked in India and a decade in Botswana as Accountant. She got wealthy of experience in preparation of Financial Statement according to IFRS Standards. She has been seconded to various commercial sector to handle day to day Accounting needs, Product costing, Price Variance Analyse, Short, Medium and Long Term Forecasting needs of various clients.

After moving to Australia she has completed CPA Profession and got more than 5 years of Experience in working in Boutique Accounting firm and Commercial sector as well. She got hands on experience from scratch of implementing various accounting software to final Compliance work.

She loves working with cloud based accounting which provide her focus between work , family and personal activities.